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arch. marco guerra, arch. antoine lebot, arch. liaohui guo, anna opitz, pablo brenas 

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curriculum vitae

Francesca Torzo (Padova 1975) studies in TU Delft, ETSAB Barcelona, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio and IUAV in Venezia. She develops the diploma at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio and graduates with honours by IUAV in Venezia in 2001 with arch. Peter Zumthor, prof. Umberto Tubini, arch. Miguel Kreisler, eng. Jurg Conzett. In 2001 develops an experimental dry construction in stone together with eng. Jurg Conzett and HTW, Chur.
In 2001-2002 works as project architect by Peter Zumthor Architekturburo Haldenstein, and in 2003 by Bosshard Vaquer Architekten Zurich.
In 2008 starts her own office in Genova.
From 2009 to 2017 teaches as assistant by Atelier Bearth in Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland.
From 2017 is professor at Bergen Arkitekthøgskole, Norway.
She has lectured at a number of schools and cultural institutions, such as Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de Paris Cergy, aut Innsbruck, Technische Universität München, USI Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Brickworks International Speakers Series Australia, Technische Universität Wien, Museum Alvar Aalto Helsinki.
In 2018 is invited as participant to the 16th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, FREESPACE, curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.
In 2018 is appointed Chairman 2018-2019 of Maarten Van Severen Foundation in Gent.
The project Z33 house for contemporary art in Hasselt is awarded the international 2018 Piranesi award.

selection of works

n09 Z33 house contemporary art, Hasselt BE

2012 ⋅ ongoing

p09 Mariano & Louis, lamps line design for Z33 

2015 ⋅ ongoing

p08 W33, handle line design for izè

2015 - 2018

n12 Chiatta Banano, bar & club, Genova IT

2016 ⋅ preliminary project

r16 Pavilion house, holiday house, Sorano IT

2016 ⋅ ongoing

n14 VP, new apartment building, Trento IT

2016 ⋅ preliminary project

r15 Casa M, renovation, Genova IT

2016 ⋅ realized

c12 Villa Chile, university, Mendrisio CH

2015-2016 ⋅ competition

r13 Casa CSL, renovation, Genova IT

2015 ⋅ preliminary project

c10 Pestalozzi, elementary school, Bern CH

2014-2015 ⋅ competition

c08 Pavilion, Design Miami Basel 2015 CH

2014 ⋅ preliminary project

c09 Guggenheim, art museum, Helsinki FI

2014 ⋅ competition

r12 Casa T, renovation, Genova IT 

2012-2013 ⋅ realized

n10 Pavilion B T, bar & dehòr, Genova IT

2012-2013 ⋅ realized

u03 Bonnenfantenstraat, Hasselt BE

2013 ⋅ preliminary project

u02 Hasselt Tourist Map, Hasselt BE

2013 ⋅ preliminary masterplan

f16 SagronMis UNESCO exhibit, Trento IT

2013 ⋅ preliminary project

f15TimeMachine exhibit, Dobbiaco IT

2013-2014 ⋅ realized

c03 Z33 house contemporary art, Hasselt BE

2011-2012 ⋅ competition ⋅ 1st prize

c04Schloss, school, St Gallen CH

2012 ⋅ competition

c05Agone, elementary school, Caslano CH

2012 ⋅ competition i.c.w. arch. N. Polli

c02 Aion, university campus, Lugano CH

2010-2011 ⋅ competition ⋅ 5th prize

n05 Open Air Museum, Wadi Mathendush LY

2010-2011 ⋅ on going

n07 Kitchen, bar pavilion, Genova IT

2011 ⋅ realized

i10 CasaParis, renovation, Genova IT

2010-2011 ⋅ realized

i09 Casa LuLuMa, interior design, Padova IT

2011 ⋅ realized

p06 Hot Gio, handle prototype

2010-2011 ⋅ realized

i08 Casa Mama, interior design, Rapallo IT

2009-2010 ⋅ realized

r08 Casa Green Crane, renovation, Sorano IT

2007-2010 ⋅ realized

n02 Casa Due, holiday house, Sorano IT

2007-2010 ⋅ realized

r07 Kitchen, club & restaurant, Genova IT

2008 ⋅ realized

r06 Scialalletta, restaurant, Pietra Ligure IT

2008 ⋅ realized

r05 Casa Pozzato, renovation, Comacchio IT

2008 ⋅ realized

i04 Balcone, restaurant, Genova IT 

2007 ⋅ realized

r04 Casa Santanna, renovation, Genova IT

2007 ⋅ realized

f06 Kitchen KM, furniture, Milan IT

2007 ⋅ realized

r02 Casa Uno, holiday house, Sorano IT

2005-2006 ⋅ realized

f04 Kitchen 3mm, Genova IT

2006 ⋅ realized

i03Foucault pendulum, exhibit, Padova IT

2005-2006 ⋅ realized ⋅ as baukuh 

u01 Bakemabuurt masterplan, A'dam NL

2003-2006 ⋅ realized ⋅ as baukuh

n01 Teatri di Spina ⋅ Lido di Spina IT

2005 ⋅ preliminary project ⋅ as baukuh

f01 Kitchen 6mm, Padova IT

2003 ⋅ realized

p01 Archivio delle acque, Padova IT

2001 ⋅ prototype i.c.w. J. Conzett