r07 - kitchen, genova, italy, 2008

the entrance • 1 •
the entrance the nische • 2 •
the nische the staircase • 3 •
the staircase the mezzanine • 4 •
the mezzanine the tables • 5 •
the tables
ground plan • 1 •
ground plan first floor plan • 2 •
first floor plan second floor plan • 3 •
second floor plan long section • 4 •
long section cross section • 5 •
cross section

r07 - kitchen, genova, italy, 2008

genova, italy
180 m2
bar & restaurant
316.000 eur
mauro crovetto, genova
lorenzo carli, genova
luca e piero pinasco, genova
domenico giorgini e figli, genova
oberrauch gmbh, genova
fabbri canton snc, vigonza
gian portelli, genova
cristian canessa e luca campi, genova
firtecno, mareno, genova
valentina gugole



From the street all you see is a windowed door.


The historical buildings in the centre of Genova are the result of successive transformations and annexations of neighbouring buildings or even only rooms: it is a labyrinth.

The existing property in via San Donato consists of a three storey unit, accessible from an articulated staircase system. The construction follows the local tradition of masonry walls, arched openings and vaulted ceilings.

The transformation of the residential unit into a bar and restaurant respects the existing structure, with a few more significant interventions on the first floor where a mezzanine is introduced as well as a double circulation, one for the staff and one for the public.

The new bar and restaurant offers two bars; one on the ground floor and one on the first floor, two kitchens, both on the first floor, and several rooms hosting chairs and tables, stools and sofas.


Passing the windowed door you begin a walk into a labyrinth of rooms.