r02 - casa uno, sorano, italy, 2005-2006

the alcove • 1 •
the alcove cabinet staircase & bathroom • 2 •
cabinet staircase & bathroom the metal staircase • 3 •
the metal staircase step to the terrace • 4 •
step to the terrace the kitchen porthole • 5 •
the kitchen porthole the kitchen • 6 •
the kitchen
cross section • 1 •
cross section plan level +0 • 2 •
plan level +0 mezzanine level • 3 •
mezzanine level plan level +1 • 4 •
plan level +1 bathroom axonometry • 5 •
bathroom axonometry

r02 - casa uno, sorano, italy, 2005-2006

sorano, italy
48 m2 + garden 20 m2
holiday house
125.000 eur
eng. stefano debiasi, padova
maurizio crociani, domenico de feo
so.ge.tec srl, villa d’adda, bergamo
technicolor sas, grosseto
fabbri canton snc, vigonza
gian portelli, genova



The existing house is of a simple volume 3 x 6 x 8 m.


The existing construction is made of tufa blocks and is partially set into the stone mass of the hill; to one side there is a small cave.

The existing walls, openings and niches are preserved as they are, while all horizontal structures are demolished.

A deep opening is made to connect the existing house to the nearby cave, extending the living area and allowing a more rational use of the space.


The owner of the house enjoys cooking and gardening, therefore the extension of the house is a kitchen open onto the garden.


The chestnut wood construction built inside the existing tufa walls creates a continuous living space on the ground floor and a night area on the mezzanine and first floor.

The wooden cabinet contains the stairs, the bathroom, closets and the sofa.


The house is covered by Virginia creeper, green in summer, red in autumn.