c10 - pestalozzi, bern, switzerland, 2014-2015

view from the street • 1 •
view from the street the garden, the playground • 2 •
the garden, the playground the corridor • 3 •
the corridor the vestibule • 4 •
the vestibule the classroom • 5 •
the classroom
situation plan • 1 •
situation plan plan level +0 • 2 •
plan level +0 plan level +1 • 3 •
plan level +1 cross section • 4 •
cross section

c10 - pestalozzi, bern, switzerland, 2014-2015

bern, switzerland
2014-2015 _ competition
stadt bern
1.125 m2 + garden 815 m2
elementary school
3.200.000 chf
lorenzo gatta, arch. marco guerra, arch. andrea nardi
conzett bronzini partner ag
eng. luca pietro gattoni
lorenzo gatta, arch. luca pederzini, arch. marco guerra, arch. andrea nardi
gion balthasar von albertini



Mattenhof has a sober character and a classic elegance.


Historically, the region was a country crossed by streams; since the mid-nineteenth century it has densified, becoming a neighbourhood of multi-family residential units. The entrance to the houses announced by a vestibule, the rhythm and proportion of the openings and the ample pitched roofs express the dream of the "villa" in the country. The richness of the gardens and orchards, with a surprising variety of species, gives the neighbourhood a bucolic character that is a counterpoint to the austere expression of the buildings.


The existing building of Pestalozzi School is a fine building of the early XIX century. The new extension building stands vis à vis with the existing entrance. They both belong to the neighbourhood.


The new building is low and surrounded by arcades and gardens; the “bell tower” is an urban landmark in relation to the nearby Evangelisch Reformierte Kirche one. The program is organized rationally: all the classrooms are organized on the ground floor, with direct and multiple access to gardens and playgrounds; on the first floor the common workspaces are a covered terrace surrounded by the branches of existing horse chestnuts. The arcades are a filter of intimacy and protection from the road and the railway.


The school is the house of children.